From the recording Tarrant County


It’s 2:25 on a Tuesday
The 10 o’clock hipsters won’t be here for hours.
And the light from the door
Cuts a line ‘cross the floor
And it stirs up these shadows and ghosts at the bar

They got Levon and Townes on the jukebox
And an old chunk of coal who’s still tryin’ to shine.
But they ain’t played one yet
That can help me forget
While I wait on an old friend to help ease my mind. And I’m…

Waitin’ on Jack
to carry me back
to somewhere in Texas that I’ve never been
So pour one more round
to chase this one down
when the party is over and the heartache begins

We started a story in Dallas.
That summer in Corpus, the magic was gone
And this Arkansas winter
Is sure hard on a sinner
But it’s better than sleeping in Texas alone. And I’m…

Now a boy with a beard and a guitar
Tuning up on the stage, he’s about to begin
Maybe I won’t be gone
When he plays his first song
So I hope it’s a sad one for me and my friend. And I’m…