1. Stowaway

From the recording Tarrant County


The boys that I grew up with never hoped for nothin’ more
Than getting’ stoned and working 1st shift at the mill
18 years in my back seat, I let the gravel fly
They say you can’t go home, I guess I never will

I gave up on Jesus on the day that I left home
Figured I did not need saving anymore
Jesus he was sneaky, stowed away in my guitar
And He hid beneath a whisper in the chords

I can’t be the man I am without the boy I was
The road I started out on took me here
I wanna leave the highway, maybe find an old dirt road
Beside a river I can wade in ‘til I wash my spirit clear

I was like a brother to those pretty delta girls
Every time I fell in love I hit the ground
Staring at my feet beneath a starry summer night
Never saw that blue-eyed comet knock me down

Easier to see it playing out and making sense
While Jesus laughs his ass off at the bar
After all these years I guess I finally get the joke
while her blue eyes smile and hand me my guitar