From the recording Tarrant County


Maybe it’s a mid-life crisis but it’s all on the table now
maybe I’m just tired of tryin’ or maybe I just don’t know how
to sort through all the friends and relations who are waitin’ at the end of the phone
ain’t nobody wants to be lonely but I wish that they would leave me alone

Maybe what I’m feelin’ is special or maybe this is just how it goes
and everybody’s trying to help me but I’m kinda thinkin’ nobody knows
how to get me through this autumn depression when the winter of my life is in view
so maybe I’ll sit by the fire and have another bottle with you

In between the comin’ in and the getting’ out
in the middle of the knowing and forgetting what it’s all about
well it’s gonna take me more than a minute just to figure out what I’m gonna do
so maybe, baby while I am waiting, I’ll have a mid-life crisis with you

Maybe it ain’t what I expected when I started on the downhill side
I guess I kinda thought I’d be coasting. I thought I’d be enjoying the ride
but it seems that I’m just peddling harder or it seems that I ain’t moving at all
maybe the over hill road is steeper and I am heading for a hell of a fall

I ain’t really sure there’s an answer
‘least not before this song is through
so baby come on over and snuggle
hell, you can have a crisis too.