1. Tarrant County

From the recording Tarrant County


60 miles outside of Tarrant County heading east
and the sun is at my back
Headed back to Arkansas or maybe Louisiana
trying not to leave a track
I guess no one’s really looking for me, hell, I figure
they don’t even know I’m gone
I just want to hide beneath a canopy of pine
and maybe learn to be alone.

I don’t need this bottle anymore, I’m just to numb
to feel a goddamn thing
But needin’ something ain’t the same as wantin’ it, I guess
I’ll throw away this damned old ring

knowing where I’m goin’ ain’t what matters to me now
half as much as being gone
Far enough is just some two-lane blacktop and a verse
of some forgotten Haggard song
Whiskey cannot cut the taste of salt upon your shoulders
‘Neath Texas summer moon
Or the bitterness of waking up alone again and knowing
that a ghost is in this room

I don’t need your picture anymore, I can see you
any time I close my eyes
But needin’ you ain’t half as bad as wantin’ you, I need
to find a place to sleep awhile

60 Miles outside of somewhere far away from nothing
and the sun is coming up
I tried to leave a haunted home behind in Tarrant County
but it ain’t been far enough…