1. The Meanness

From the recording Tarrant County


He went lookin' for his daddy in the back seat of a car
with a blanket and pajamas, maybe It won't be too far
and his mama'd usually find him on some old four-legged stool
with a trashy fort worth woman drinking whiskey with this fool...

well, the beer it made him funny but the whiskey made him mean
and his mama’s anger hit it like a spark to gasoline
and it re-arranged the furniture – knocked the pictures off the walls
while he hid beneath the covers in his bedroom down the hall

He never thought it was his fault his daddy was to blame
the anger made him hate him, lord, it made him change his name
there is a meanness in this world that Jesus can’t erase…
when the meanness overtook Him, Jesus’ daddy hid his face

when he was only 5 years old his daddy left for good
and it wasn’t long before his mama married number two
not much for trashy women - he did not drink or roam
but a man don’t need need a reason for the meanness in his soul

3 and 4 and 5 and 6 and 7 were the same
they came with different faces but the meanness was the same
and his mama started drinkin’ when the meanness broke her heart
by number 8 it was too late – his mama came apart