1. To Feel Alive

From the recording Tarrant County


Seems like all I feel is angry if it seems like I feel anything at all
And I’m burning all my bridges while I cross them, just to see if I will fall
The words that used to hide beneath my breath are flashing like a neon sign
And I’d like to take the edge off but the edge is all that makes me feel alive

I gave you my best 20 years; or, at least, the best that I could do
But sometimes all the best is not quite good enough to chase away the blue
And the lines, they keep on changing, ‘til the best that we can do is just survive
I tried to make you happy but I could not seem to make you feel alive

You were young and beautiful and everything I needed you to be
You used me like a habit until what was left was no damn use to me

Tomorrow I will wake up on the pillow where you used to lay your head
And I’ll pretend that I still hate you while I watch the sunset paint the river red.
I could open one more bottle; that should be enough to wipe you from my mind
I wish I could forget you but your memory‘s what makes me feel alive
I wish I could forget you but your memory‘s all…
that makes me feel alive