From the recording Tarrant County


I have packed away my dreams and I have followed
Every bitter wind that blew another name
I have locked away my dreams for fear of failing
And turned my back against the dance of dying flame

I have known the joy of beauty unprotected
And I have seen a roof suspended without walls
I have fallen on my knees to beg forgiveness
And I have risen without fear to face you all

I believe that every journey
Starts with puttin’ on your shoes
Taken one step toward tomorrow
Throwin’ away what you can’t use
You’ll never go until you move

I have seen my Grand-dad thumbin’ some ol’ flattop
Singing something ‘bout a train he’s waiting for
I have heard him lift his ragged voice to Jesus
About a beggar who is not poor anymore

And I have seen my daddy staring at a bottle
I have watched him as he walked away again
I have seen an angry boy become a father
And pray to heaven that he’d never be like him

It’s always darkest in the morning
This crooked road is never clear
I may not know where I’m going
But I’m damn sure I can’t stay here